50 Crafty DIY Cup Coaster Ideas

diy cup coasters

Infuse some fun and personality into your home decor through these do-it-yourself coaster project ideas that you’re sure to love! With over 50 of these gems from a number of thrifty and talented makers, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to make three, or four…or all 50 for that matter!

Prepare yourself, because it’s time to be wowed by the most creative and clever coaster ideas you’ve ever seen……

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Launch Your Craft Blog in Under 15 Minutes

how to start a craft blogStruggling to launch your own blog? It is actually easier than you think and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Click here to get started!

50 DIY Sharpie Mug Ideas

Dotted Sharpie Mugs

If you're a coffee lover (or tea, or hot chocolate...) you might have seen all the cool Sharpie mug ideas floating around. It's crazy, you can design a custom coffee mug with nothing more than a few ...

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60 Doily Craft Projects You’ll Love

60 Doily Crafts You'll Love - CoolCrafts.com

Doilies; they're the one item that almost every home would have lying around, either sitting on table surfaces, stuffed into the pantry, or even hidden in linen closets.  Whether crochet or made from ...

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